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Standalone Standard Pro Series


The Wall Mount DVR Series is a set of digital video record-ers that come in 4 and 8 channel versions, offering embed-ded Linux platform and DVR-on-chip design, dual-speed fully hardwired MPEG4 compression technology capable of deliv-ering 30 frames per second at 1/2 D1 resolution per camera and wall mount structural design for your “save-on-space” solutions.

  • Save on space with easy-to-install wall mounted DVRs
  • High durability and reliability via embedded Linux plat-form and DVR-on-chip design
  • First class video compression using a dual-speed full hardwired MPEG-4 en-coder that can process an 8channel DVR 240 CIF video in real-time
  • Crisp & high quality images, allowing full motion video for superior facial recog-nition
  • Increased video storage capability with as low as 1KB per frame
  • Smooth real-time playback & optimized bandwidth utili-zation

  • Wall mount design to save on storage space for your DVR
  • Linux platform to provide optimized system performance by eliminating all unnecessary applications fromits system
    • Smart A+ Hardware MPEG-4 Compression to provide faster data speeds, smaller file sizes, and superior picture quality for video playback.?
    • Recording modes include continuous, forced, mo-tion or event-triggered recording
    • Adjustable video quality to fit variable bandwidths
  • Smart Search to immediately locate a video recording by time and date or type of event
  • Power PTZ functions
  • H/W Audio Compression (G.723 format) and Smart Au-dio Detection
  • Hardware Motion Detection (with configurable multiple detection zones for each camera) and H/W WaterMark
  • Pseudo-noise Masking
  • Total Display Rate of up to 240fps NTSC/ 200fps PAL
  • Total Capture Speed of up to 240fps at 352x240 (CIF) NTSC/ 200fps at 352x288 PAL
  • Alert on event (Sensor/Relay/Motion Detection), config-urable for each camera
  • Multi-tasking: simultaneous audio and video monitoring, recording, playback and remote monitoring
  • Alarm messages: e-mail *
  • Remote transmission: desktop client, LAN, WAN, Inet
  • Remote management: remote monitoring, recording, play-back, backup, PTZ control and CMS, multi-user remote access
  • Multilanguage Support?
    *Features subject to change without prior notice.


Standalone Standard Standard Series


General Features:
  •   High quality real time monitoring in D1 resolution
  • Quad or Mux mode recording with frame rate up to 30fps
  • Auto detecting video signal loss and HDD failure
  • Built-in 4 ch motion detection with adjustable sensitivity
  • 4 ch sensors input and 1 ch alarm output
  • Simple backup on USB pen drive
  • Additional S-video output
  • Polished on-screen menu
  • Polished user's manual
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • CE & FCC certified

Input format NTSC PAL
Input channel 4 BNC
Output channel 2 BNC, 1 S-video
Display mode Quad, Full screen, Sequence
Frame rate
Display 120fps 100fps
Quad mode Max. 30fps Max. 25fps
Each (MUX) mode Max. 7.5fps Max. 6.25fps
Display 720x480 720x576
Networking Yes Yes
Recording 640x224 640x272
Modes Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor/Motion trigger
Compression Modified MJPEG
Frame rate 1~30fps 1~25fps
Quality Level High, Normal, Low
Hard Drive 1*HDDfor slim type
2*HDDs for model with removable HDD rack
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