Camera Function
  • Image Resolutions - can be chosen from various image resolutions
  • Fps (Frames/sec) - can be set from 0 - 25 fps ; fps can be set differently for events
  • PTZ functions - cameras with Pen Tilt Zoom capability can be controlled; cameras must conform to certain ADON supported standards
  • Spy camera function - camera can be hidden from DVR view
Surveillance Functions
  • Event detection - Motion detection, video loss, sensor triggers are examples of events
  • Motion detection - can be set on specific areas of the image
  • Event notification - can be done by producing alarm sound, relay controls, sending email, fax or notifying a remote client (Browser or CIS server ) which is registered with the DVR host
  • E-map - E-maps (diagrams showing DVR locations) can be popped up to easily show the location of the event
Recording Function

Recording can be in several modes:

  • Continuous - always on
  • Scheduled - (based on a specific time periods on specific days etc.)
  • Motion based - when motion occurs - allows pre and post event recording
  • Time-Lapse recording - snapshots at a regular time interval
  • Watermarking - can paste a text in a specified area to make the video tamper-proof
  • Different recording speed (fps) can be set for different mode of recording
  • Audio can be recorded for all channels
Playback Function
  • Camera based - shows all films for the camera
  • Time based - shows all films with a certain period (for all cameras)
  • Event based - shows all events between a period
  • Playback can be done from remote clients
  • Image can be observed frame by frame and enhanced
  • Missing objects can be searched
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