Mobile DVR USB 2.0 PC Based

Hardware Specifications
Model USBS4V050W
Video Input 4 Channels of Video
Max. Display Speed 60 frames/sec NTSC / 50 frames/sec PAL
Max. Record Speed 60 frames/sec NTSC / 50 frames/sec PAL
Software Specifications
Main Function
Signal Input Support 4 channel videos (NTSC 、 PAL)
Resolution Supports monitoring and recording resolution
NTSC : 320*240 PAL : 352*288
Video Adjustment Hue 、 Contrast 、 U /V Saturation 、 Brightness (Each channel is independent)
Video Recording Speed Each camera is adjustable independently from
1 ~ 30 frame / sec (NTSC); 1 ~ 25 frame / sec (PAL)
Language Selection Supports multi-language (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English…etc)
Screen Display Layout Full, Focus, Tile, and Separated (1, 2, 3, 4)
Video Compression MPEG 4 & M-JPEG (such as Cinepak Codec by Radius , Intel Indeo & IYUV Codec , Microsoft as well as Full frames/Uncompressed).
Motion Detection Independent set motion detection areas (1~18), sensitivity (day & night) and recording rate (no motion 、 on motion) for each camera.
Pre 、 Post-Recording Independent set 30 seconds pre-recording and 30 seconds post-recording. Meanwhile, the frame rate can be accelerated to be real time at 30 frames/sec (NTSC) or 25 frames/sec (PAL) on motion detection record.
Watermark Watermark on video file to prevent altering. The photo can be designed by user, position and visibility can also decide by user. The recording frame is with Camera name, Location, & date on it.
Full-Screen Display Display monitoring image in full-screen, and also support hot key.
Secret Recording Each channel can be hidden to do record video and audio.
Alarm Notice Notify pre-programmed FAX, FTP & E-Mail (with image included).
Log files View system log (Video lost, video recovery, motion detection...etc.), store files and print files.
Backup Backup can be burned to be a CD via 3 rd party program and play with our Windows Media Player (corresponding codec needed) on any system.
Record Mode Continuously record 、 Motion detection record 、 Schedule record 、 Alarm record & Time Lapse record and showing by different color on the screen.
Channel Names Setup Setup each channel's name display on screen in Chinese, English… , even describe the location and utility of the channel. The maximum length can be 20 characters.
Alarm Trigger Support alarm trigger function, ex: (emergency 、 camera signal lost 、 disk error…)
Alarm Sound Selection Setup different alarm sounds for different conditions (signal lost, motion detection…etc.) & each camera can be different sound for same condition.
Minimize System Minimize system to windows task bar.
Watch Dog Auto-recover after system shutdown.
System Current Status Display Displays monitoring, operation status, system name and IP.
Camera Compatible Color and B/W cameras mixed are available.
Provides communication with CIS Server, supports Dynamic IP connecting and communication port changeable.
Login Access Timeout to avoid anonymous access.
3 – level authority : Supervisor 、 User 、 Guest
Authority privilege : Supervisor (highest), User (2nd), Guest (3rd)
For remote by internet, can build up User's list in local DVR host.
Setup to allow remote access from internet or not
File Backup Copy the whole file or delete file.
Playback Pause, backward/forward, and seek, previous/next frame,seek begin/end.
Snapshot Snapshot video and output to (BMP, JPEG) file, also can print out.
Smart Search Search file by channel, date & time and Missing Object Search.
Film Enhancer Video quality can be enhanced frame by frame but can't be deleted.
Multi players (each player can view up to 16 cameras) search/playback video record at the same time.
Provide system and network log.
Remote Control
Different functions depend on 3-level user privileges.
Remote Control can be done by Browser, CCC Player, CIS Server, Dial-Up & Mobile Phone.
Browser can monitor 16 videos from different host at the same time.
Can handle over 250 DVR hosts and over 4,000 cameras thru CIS Server.
CCC Player can monitor 32 DVR hosts and 512 cameras.
Dial-Up to do the remote control is through Modem.
Mobile Phone (Java J2ME, MIDP 1.0 version above) to do the remote control by GPRS is available so far by following models: Nokia 3650, 6600, 7200 & 7600, Sony Ericsson P800 & P900.
Remote access file according to camera, date and time.
Remote login storage server by user authority.
Supports DDNS, fixed IP is not necessary
According to network bandwidth, setup video delivery rate to connection.
User can change system network communication port.
Through Browser to access archive files, don't need to download first.
Login by user privilege.
Login by user privilege and access archive file, or download to local end.
Can save live video to local host thru CCC Player.


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